Happy Valentine’s Day!

Posted on 2/14/2014 by Vantha in Team Building and Events

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  1. I love you guys……you are always coming up with some goofball thing that makes me laugh!! You put together a surprise bag for my 92 year old Mother, and she loved it, shared it, and we even got a couple of things!! Keep on doing what you are doing!! I LOVE it!!
    Happy VD !!

  2. Happy Valentines day to all of you at Jamin Butter! Also, thanks for all you do for the homeless shelters, underprivileged children and of course the shelter pets! You are the only shopping site I have ever seen do this and I am proud to be a part of it. Thanks so much…

    You all deserve lots and lots of chocolates!

  3. I totally love you guys/gals and how you present your company. I’ve purchshed some great items from your website that have proven to be good products at a good price. But really most importantly I buy from you because you are and/or seem to be grass roots and personal. That is a huge appeal that I heart. Hope you never give that up about your company.
    A fan and supportor of what ya got goin’ on.
    P.S. I want to work for a company like yours. 🙂

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