Bag Donations Helping the Community

Posted on 8/26/2014 by Vantha in Community Involvement, Retail Brands

We always love seeing how your (and our) donations get put together to benefit others. We donated backpacks earlier this year to Summit Life, who coordinates with local churches, charities and organizations to use our products and donations to good use. Some of the backpacks we sent over ended up at Central Baptist Church, located in downtown Johnson City. The members of Central Baptist Church put together “Blessing Bags”. The “Blessing Bags” are prepared for each family or individual who stop in at Central Baptist seeking assistance. The content of the backpacks are customized based on whether individual is a man, woman, boy or girl. Usually those seeking assistance will receive a blanket and toiletries like toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, etc (which are also items we were able to donate). Other items the church packs inside include assorted snacks, bottled water, a flashlight, gospel music, a community resource list, etc. Below are a few photos of the Blessing Bags and some of the items packed in. BAG PHOTO