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Posted on 8/5/2014 by Vantha in Community Involvement, In The Media

One of our recent donations to Summit Life was distributed onto the Washington County Animal Shelter. We donated a bunch of fleece blankets which were turned into a multitude of uses for the dogs and cats in the shelter. Some were turned into jackets for the pups, shown here and modeled by the lovely Biscuit. Other blankets are turned into loungers for kittens and cats so the they can snooze and hang out in warm and fuzzy hammocks. Others are turned in pet beds, so they don’t have to sleep on the concrete. Usually these get stuffed too, so it’s extra cushy and comfortable for our four legged friends, like Cami who is taking a snooze! The volunteers and workers at the Washington County Animal Shelter do a superb job making sure that all donations are used to their full potential. All the scraps that come from making the animals jackets, beds and hammocks get revamped into pet toys! Here is Blythe playing with her new stuffed, fleece pet toy. Nothing goes to waste here and we truly love seeing all the lengths and uses our donations go to here, especially when they benefit our furry friends.

Please take a moment to check out the Washington County Animal Shelter on their Facebook page and if you are in the area, take one of their dogs out for a walk or play with some of their cats. Any human interaction and love to these animals goes so far! Also they are trying to build a much needed new animal shelter and any donations would be wonderful. For more information about the new animal shelter and to donate, please visit

Blythe playing with her toy!

Blythe playing with her toy!

Cami enjoying her new bed

Cami enjoying her new bed

Kittens napping in comfort

Kittens in our comfortable and cozy hammocks.

Biscuit, modeling her new fleece jacket

Biscuit, modeling her new fleece jacket.

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