Real Life Customer Love on our Monthly Mystery Boxes <3

Posted on 9/22/2014 by Vantha in 13 Deals, Company News and Updates, That Daily Deal

Okay so allow us to brag a bit. We had the thought of launching Monthly Mystery Boxes a few years back and had been seriously plotting how we wanted to go about it. We are not a formal or stuffy company, and wanted our Monthly Mystery Boxes to reflect that. No fancy packaging, no highly stylized boxes. Just straight forward, more bang for your buck, box of incredible stuff! Less fluff, more stuff ya know? Well our first boxes were sent out earlier this month and we have been getting some rave reviews. We will be posting real customer feedback here on our Monthly Mystery Boxes. So if you ever feel like this may not be worth it, trust us AND our customers that they are.  Every month we go out of our way to deliver a box bursting with cool products and strive to make sure our customers continue with this subscription.

PS: sign up before the October Monthly Mystery Box goes out and you may win pizza for an entire year….. yes really…. this day is amazing isnt it????

“SO I’ve been tracking that mystery box since the day I bought it and when I finally saw it was delivered I told my wife about it and told her I want to open it.   So I got home and my kids were bouncing off the walls with excitement at the idea of the mystery box.  We all gathered around, opened the box and pulled out this really cool lunch cooler with a re-freezable insert to keep things cold.  Then I pulled out the bug zapper and outlet splitter and my wife says “Are they spying on us? How did they know what to send us!?!?!?”  We sell ice cream, so the cooler, while small for our purposes will be put to use, we recently bought two bug zappers/swatters (which I’ll be returning) and I have been planning to buy an outlet splitter thingy as well!

The other stuff, pen light, cool flashlight, metal water bottle, BBQ sauce basters and dual lasagna pan were also pretty cool and will find good use in our home (the lasagna pan may not be used, but still not junk).  Overall, I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t full of junk that my wife was going to yell at me for spending on.  When she asked me how much I spent and I told her, she was seriously impressed with the quantity of stuff we got.  Would I say it was perfect, no, I’d give it an 7.5 out of 10 because I was expecting the extra $10 I paid to make it better would mean I would get even more stuff, or a bigger box or more expensive stuff (or hopefully the tablet), but I will be keeping the subscription for another month.  My boys asked me if I can get one like every couple of months and when I told them I’ll be getting one every month, it was like I told them Christmas was scheduled monthly.  My 15 year old daughter said how cool it would be to buy this as a birthday present for some of her friends!

Anyways, thank you for a great mystery package and not putting in anything that my kids shouldn’t be exposed to.  I was a little nervous I’d pull out some lingerie or a “personal massager” or something along those lines but you guys delivered and I am happy and now looking forward to my next package.

 Thanks! – Daniel”


Daniel D. from Cleveland Heights, OH