Must Read on our Monthly Mystery Boxes

Posted on 10/20/2014 by Vantha in 13 Deals, In The Media, That Daily Deal

Okay, okay… these keep getting better and better. We seriously cannot stop blushing from all the love we keep getting on our Monthly Mystery Box Subscriptions. The overwhelming positive response is truly the reason we love what we do here. Keep reading to see the email we received this week regarding October’s Monthly Mystery Box Subscription!

So, I said to myself, if the second box doesn’t knock my socks off, I’m going to cancel my subscription, after all, for $30 a month, I don’t need to make a collection of junk in my house…  Fear not, I’m keeping my subscription!  I had to wait a day or two till we had time to gather around as a family and open our latest mystery box, all my kids and even my wife were excited and we do it as a family because it’s just a fun thing to open a mystery box as a family.


The first thing I pulled out was the SoundLogic Headphones, followed by the Flair Hair bandanna.  Both my boys were so excited and they’ve been walking around the house for the past two days wearing the headphones and flair hair bandanna (I found the bandana for sale on and plan on buying a couple more).  These were followed by a high quality collapsible walking stick which would double as a sword or just a large stick for my boys to hit each other with, so we gave it to my Father in Law who has been recently getting into hiking through the parks and was planning on buying a walking stick.  By this time, my wife made her comment again of “Are these people spying on us???”  The grill light with a clamp at the bottom was a perfect fit for my sons work bench in the attic to add some extra light and then a couple more items all hit the mark.


We pulled out the last item, and it was a large item wrapped in a dark plastic wrap so we couldn’t tell what it was.  So we all took a turn feeling it and squeezing it and trying to guess what it was.  We opened it after we all guessed and much to our surprise, it was a Hammock!  Not just any hammock, a really nice hammock.  Of course, this led into a whole ridiculous discussion about the pronunciation of the word hammock, where my 15 year old daughter kept pronouncing the “ock” like the “oc” in the word octopus.  Kids these days!  Anyways, the hammock is being stored in the camp box my  wife has for stuff for my kids to use in camp. One of my boys had a cheap hammock at camp this summer and said it was the best thing to have hanging from the rafters in his bunk house, so it will definitely be used well this summer.


Overall, every item we got in the box is being put to good use, and the total retail value on Amazon for all this stuff is about $80 (of course we had to check)!  Granted, I personally didn’t get anything from this box as it all went to my different family members, but I’m still rating it a 10/10 with nothing really being junky or a waste of money.  We’re keeping the subscription just because we have so much fun sitting around the table at night together and spending an hour together opening the box and playing with everything and finding a good use for it all!  And my daughter asked me to buy her her own mystery box subscription for her birthday (sorry, not gonna happen, but it is a great idea)!  My wife even took pictures of all our loot and shared it with her friends trying to convince them to get their own mystery boxes!


Thanks again for another wonderful box and we can’t wait till the next one shows up!