WOAH! Monthly Mystery Video Love

Posted on 10/15/2014 by Vantha in 13 Deals, In The Media, That Daily Deal

While doing our daily social media posts and searches, we stumbled upon a VERY AWESOME tweet to our @ThatDailyDeal Twitter account. We were truly blown away that @DocSigma did a live unveiling of both our Monthly Mystery Box and Monthly Mystery Box for Dogs. We jumped on chromecast and watched it together as an office… and collectively our hearts grew two sizes that day. (I think, don’t hold us to that). Anyways, with no further ado…. we present @DocSigma Mystery Box Unveiling October 2014 + Bonus DOGGIE BOX video


PS: if you would like to unveil one of our Monthly Mystery Boxes, please feel free to share on social sites, so we can curate the videos and see your reactions. AND pro tip – we will probably, most definitely send you some free swag.