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Our friend, Ashley, over at Closet of Free Samples was kind enough to do a review of a few of our awesome items over at We sent her our Sock Monkey Scarf w/ Mittens, Baby Sized Sock Monkey Hat, Sock Monkey Mittens and Stealth Cell Stun Gun. On top of it, Ashley is also hosting a $20 gift card giveaway to shop with us!


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Online Shopping Review


One awesome site to find wonderful deals is called From the outside this site seems like all the other deal sites – “cheap stuff at a bargain price.” That was my initial firs thought. For review though I got in 4 pieces:

World Famous Sock Monkey Scarf w/ Mittens

Baby Sized Sock Monkey Hat

Sock Monkey Mittens

Stealth Cell Stun Gun


Much to my surprise, while these were cheap in cost, they were not cheap in quality. In person each piece looked great and felt like nice quality. I ordered the scarf for myself, the hat for my 1 year old son (who would not keep it on for picture taking), and the mittens for my daughter. The stun gun just seemed cool since I never personally had one myself. The sock monkey mittens, scarf, and hat are made of the same materials: Outer 100% acrylic, inner 100% polyester materials. All items are totally soft and beyond adorable. I love the monkey face on the mitten ends so you can pretend their sock pockets for pretend play with children since it looks like the monkeys are moving their mouth. The hat fit perfectly on my one year old and he loved playing with it. He’s not a fan of wearing things on his head, but had fun trying to tease his mommy as she thought she was getting a good picture then he would pull it off. my 7 year old daughter also loved the gloves and they fit her perfectly. As far as the stun gun goes – it looks like a dummy phone and has the weight of a dummy phone that you’d find at a cell phone retail store, but be careful because it is, of course, is not a toy. The zapping sound as you press the button to “stun” is a bit load, but you can see the voltage and feel the strength of the gun as you press the button and use it. I love that it’s actually one that get’s charged up in a wall outlet rather than using up batteries. The one downfall of it is the power cord is super short so finding a place to charge it conveniently is a bit of a hassle.


Overall 13deals, I discovered, has great products. Everything I received would have normally been $154.92 at regular retail price. That’s expensive for just 4 things! On 13deal though, you can get it for just $33.97! That’s an average savings of 78%! Not to mention they ship out pretty quickly as well. This is definitely a great site to bookmark and save to score some awesome deals every day!

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