Mudpies and Tiaras + Review

Posted on 3/24/2015 by Vantha in 13 Deals, In The Media

Our friend Rachelle over at Mudpies and Tiaras was kind enough to do a review of some the awesome products we have over at Make sure to check out Mudpies and Tiaras to see the review as well as enter for your chance to win $20 gift certificate to! Find them at their social sites as well:

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Simple. Easy. Fun. I love those three words!! My older E’s and I had so much fun this past week trying out new goodies from I wish you could have seen their faces when they opened the box, it was like Christmas.


E2 is my little cleaning bee. She took one look at the microfiber duster and went to work. E2 is so funny!!! She kept asking what else she could dust and thought it was the coolest thing that it could reach so high. The microfiber duster extends to make high places more accessible without using a footstool. I love being able to dust my ceiling fan without climbing on top of my table.


My older E’s love making the hubby and I breakfast on Saturday mornings, AKA cereal. They are just so cute and so proud of themselves! The free standing food dispenser will be great for those mornings and hopefully keep cereal from finding its way all over the kitchen floor. The E’s have already had so much fun with it. A LOT of cereal has been eaten lately but I’m not sure if it’s the yumminess of the cereal or how much fun they are having dispensing it that is causing the sudden rise of cereal consumption with week.


My five year old pointed out that the nob was a little hard to turn but that she was big enough to handle it. Haha. We are loving this product and it makes breakfast time a little more fun.


Do any of your kiddos ask for a hall light to be left on at bedtime? Mine sure do!! All I see however is wasted energy going out the window and the electricity bill going up. Nightlights are great but with little E crawling around I don’t like anything plugged up at her eye level if we can help it. These motion lights have been great!! If either of the older girls have to get up at night the motion light turns on as soon as their door opens.


Simple. Easy. Fun.

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