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Posted on 8/20/2015 by Vantha in 13 Deals, Hobo Ninja, In The Media, That Daily Deal

We know our deals are insane. YOU know our deals are insane. But does your grandma, your neighbor, your dentist, your old college roommate, your mother’s brothers kids girlfriend know? Apparently shouting our tremendous deals from rooftops is frowned upon and “illegal”. Which is why we need you guys! Share any or all of your favorite deals of ours and we will hook you up with a free gift just for showing us some love. Just post our deal on social media and/or any deal site forum, send the link to [email protected] then voila! Our very awesome Customer Service Department will send you a little freebie, our way of saying “THANKS!” for sharing our insane offers with others. Check out some of the freebies we’ve sent to others:

Just a little biizzzzzzy sending customers free stuff!

We love sending customers awesome freeBEE’s like this Free Bumblee!

Useful AND humorus.

Useful AND humorus.

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